Concert to feature 'jugalbandi' of music and art

Concert to feature 'jugalbandi' of music and art
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New Delhi: In a one of its kind event where art and music will embark on the same journey together, sarod maestros Ayaan and Amaan Ali Bangash along with painter Paresh Maity will perform a live 'jugalbandi' (duet) of their respective art forms at an upcoming show.

Organised by Faber-Castell India and Showhouse Events, 'Strokes & Strings 2020' is based on the belief that "all art forms are inter-connected".

"This 'jugalbandi' is a very unique idea to combine two different art forms. One is with colour, strokes and forms, and the other is with musical instruments. The language is different but what binds it together is art," Maity said.

While the two sarod players have composed a special piece titled "Navras", which will explore the nine fundamental emotions through classical music, Maity will create similar emotions on the canvas using the scenic beauty of Banaras as a background along with the hues of the colour blue.

Amaan said the connect between art and music was "timeless".

"Music and art, both bring about a positive change in mood, relaxation, peace and comfort. They also help reduce stress. The connect between the two is timeless. Art and music are two precious gifts of God. They are the binding force of the whole universe and every soul needs them," the sarod maestro said.

According to his brother, the concert was aimed at spreading the message of "universal peace", especially in the current times.

"With disturbing atrocities happening all over, we hope that through this concert we are able to spread the message of universal togetherness. Like air, water, fire and colour, music and art too belong to all and have no boundaries.

"We all come from different backgrounds but the unique part here is that we three are speaking one language, art. This shows how hearts and vibrations connect without speaking any language," Ayaan said.

The concert will be held on January 18 at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai.