Coca-Cola Energy Invites Fans to ‘Show Up’ to the Big Game

Coca-Cola Energy Invites Fans to ‘Show Up’ to the Big Game

ATLANTA: Coca-Cola is bringing the energy to the Big Game broadcast on Sunday, Feb. 2, with a star-studded ad celebrating the launch of Coca-Cola Energy – the first-ever energy drink under the brand in the United States.

Starring Oscar and Golden Globe-winning filmmaker and actor Martin Scorsese and producer, director and actor Jonah Hill – with a cameo appearance from Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist YBN Cordae – the spot titled, Show Up™, highlights a familiar dilemma: You’ve made plans, but when it’s time to go out, will you have the energy to #ShowUp?

The 60-second spot showcases the simple, but powerful invitation to try new Coca-Cola Energy – for the energy you want with the taste you love. It infuses humor into an all-too-common scenario of waiting with bated breath as those dreaded dots – “...” – linger on your phone and beg the question: Will they or will they not #ShowUp?

“I love working with Marty and all the energy he brings on set,” said Jonah Hill. “I was thrilled and excited to do this with him.”

Show Up™ follows Scorsese as he arrives at a party, only to find his partner in crime, Hill, isn’t there yet. When Scorsese texts Hill to ask where he is, Hill debates whether to join him. While Scorsese eagerly waits for Hill to arrive, he awkwardly realizes he’s not even properly dressed for the costume party. Will he or won’t he -- the world anxiously waits to see if Hill will find the Energy to “Show Up.”

“Big news from Coca-Cola merits a big stage,” said Geoff Cottrill, senior vice president of Strategic Marketing for Coca-Cola. “We saw the Big Game as the perfect platform to promote the launch of Coca-Cola Energy through the lens of a common situation among friends. Once we defined the insight about how friends debate whether to ‘Show Up,’ Jonah Hill was the first name that came to mind. A modern-day Renaissance man, his personality and positivity were the perfect fit. And when we asked him who he’d want to ‘Show Up’ in the spot with him, he immediately suggested his good friend Martin Scorsese, who made our story that much better. We couldn’t be bigger fans of both iconic actors.”

Watch the full 60-second ad here.