Christmas Home Decorating Just Got Easier with the ExacTac the New Picture Hanging Gadget

Christmas Home Decorating Just Got Easier with the ExacTac the New Picture Hanging Gadget
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LOS ANGELES: Dillon Bruno, an inventor/entrepreneur brought his home hardware product idea, the ExacTac picture hanging gadget to market. It all began when Dillon's sister asked for his assistance when she was redecorating her home and wanted help hanging several pictures on the wall in straight lines.  The process turned into the familiar fiasco, including several empty nail holes in the wall and still the pictures were unevenly hung, some higher than desired, others lower than wanted. Dillon decided he wanted a simple solution to this common home décor problem, so he started the invention process

Dillon researched what products were available and then started sketching potential improved gadgets to make picture hanging simple.  The issue of getting one picture level with another was one problem Dillon identified; another problem was making the nail stay in place on the wall.  Dillon definitely wanted a ruler included, magnetic areas to hold nails in place and options for one or two hooks or nails per picture.  Dillon built a few mock-ups of his invention at home and then contacted T2 Design & Prototype in Santa Monica, California.

Dillon hired T2 Design to work with him to perfect his ExacTac invention and manufacturing began. Dillon has now launched the ExacTac, available just in time for the holidays!  Family photos, Santa Claus pictures and much more can be framed and hung exactly where you want them, lined up or balanced geometrically. Home decorating is much easier with the ExacTac picture hanging tool.

Dillon notes that, "my sister is thrilled.  Photos and pictures are easy to place and hang." Bruno is now in discussion with hardware stores about carrying the ExacTac picture hanging hardware, as his Amazon sales grow.  Bruno states, "I like tinkering with gadgets. Being an inventor, while having a regular daytime job, requires putting in long hours, patent filings and more, and you often need assistance. Working with Paul and T2 Design was a real help and a positive experience."

T2 Design works with inventors at any and every point of the invention process, from idea, to design and prototyping to manufacturing.  "Consultations are done over the phone or in person," said president Paul Berman. "Inventors find us from all over the world at."   "It has been terrific to work with Dillon.  He is incredibly inventive and was determined to make sure that his product would be on the market by Christmas this year."