‘Chopstick’: Everything you need to know about the Mithila Palkar-Abhay Deol upcoming movie

‘Chopstick’: Everything you need to know about the Mithila Palkar-Abhay Deol upcoming movie
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The two actors are known for their unconventional roles, and now they are coming together for a quirky tale about a goat, a conman, and a Chinese translator.

Mithila Palkar’s rise to fame is nothing less of a fairy tale and the now former YouTube sensation is about to once again return on Netflix, this time alongside actor Abhay Deol. Palkar, who became a common face on the internet with her gullible charm in the video ‘Cup Song’- inspired by Anna Kendrick's cup song from ‘Pitch Perfect’- which went viral gaining over four million views, has seen a steep rise in her career over the last two years. Her journey with Netflix began back in 2016, when she starred in the coming-of-age love story, ‘Little Things’ along with Dhruv Sehgal. The show gained popularity for its relatable characterisation and storyline which quickly began to define the modern day relationships.

Now Palkar is once again turning her wheels and returning to the streaming platform with the latest film, ‘Chopsticks’. As Netflix released the teaser earlier today, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming movie:

Palkar stars alongside Abhay Deol in the Netflix film, ‘Chopsticks’. (IMDb)

Release Date:

The movie will premiere on the streaming platform on May 31, this year.



To put it in a sentence the story is about a goat, a conman, a missing car, and a girl named Nirma. You can easily guess the amount of ridicule she must be facing because of that name and quite expectedly her name almost serves as a punch line to her story. Nirma, an enthusiastic and passionate Chinese translator who is rather excited about her new car is suddenly shattered when her car gets stolen. After seeking help from the law which turns out in vain, she comes in contact with a conman named Artist (brilliant play of words!) who helps her recover the car from a Mumbai thug. However, in between all of this there is also a goat and we still don’t know why.



The two leads have already established themselves as perhaps the most voguish faces of our times. Palkar who plays the character Nirma won our hearts with her Marathi version of the ‘Cup Song’ which went viral overnight, and soon she became a well-known face on social media as she began to appear on several online contents including brief clips such as ‘Annoying Things Girlfriends Do’ and ‘New Girl in the City’. However, ‘Chopstick’ is quite different than anything she has attempted before, and this will be her second appearance on Netflix after ‘Little Things’.

The two leads were known for their unconventional characters. (IMDb)

As for Abhay Deol, who plays the conman Artist in the movie, it is no surprise that the actor is once again picking up an unconventional role. Deol has been one of those rare gems in the industry who has never compromised quality for quantity. After making his onscreen debut with Imtiaz Ali’s romantic comedy, ‘Socha Na Tha’, he gained critical appreciation for his work in movies like ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’, ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’ and ‘Dev D’. He earned the Filmfare Award for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.

Combining these two unconventional talents in a story as unique as this one is expected to be quite a treat for the online audience.



The film is being directed by Sachin Yardi, who made his directorial debut with ‘CKkompany’ (2008). He was the scriptwriter who had penned down the stories of movies such as ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum’ (2005) and Madhur Bhandarkar’s award-winning movie, ‘Traffic Signal’ (2007). The latter won the National Films Award for Best Director in 2007 and the first National Film Award for Best Make-up Artist.


Yardi is known for his work in films like ‘Traffic Signal’. (IMDb)

News: It was the script that got them aboard!

During an interview with Grazia, Deol claimed that it was Yardi’s script that got him on board with the film. He said, “Sachin (Yardi), who is also the director, has a real talent for writing comedy. He gets tragedy very well, which ironically forms the base of comedy, but there’s a maturity to his voice and that shows in the final product.” Also the fact that the movie would stream on Netflix acted like a catalyst in the decision making process.

As for Palkar, she is already a familiar face on Netflix and with her second project on the streaming platform; she wanted to try out something different. She explained, “I’ve been craving to live different lives as an actor and was seeking something that was completely different from what I’ve played thus far.”



The teaser which was released via Netflix today gives out quite a lot about the storyline, while leaving the key plot points under cover. We are introduced to the fluent Chinese translator, Nirma, who appears to be a little less confident in spite of being an extremely gifted individual. As she begins to make an attempt to find her car, Nirma finds herself in the convoluted system of law that barely comes to her aid. Watch the teaser here.