ChargeTech and DistanZ Introduce Antimicrobial Laptop Sleeve

SAN DIEGO: ChargeTech, a leading provider of portable power solutions and multidevice charging stations, announces its collaboration with the performance mask makers at DistanZ, to create a laptop sleeve treated with Polygiene ViralOff®, a unique formulation with well documented antimicrobial properties.

Both companies will sell the new laptop sleeve on their websites. ChargeTech will market the product as the CleanCharge™ Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff® and Distanz will use the name Laptop / Chromebook Protective Sleeve. The sleeve retails at $29.95 and is available now in two size options, specifically designed to fit most laptops and Chromebooks on the market. The sleeve also comes with a ViralOff keyboard liner, which lays flat on the keyboard and screen while the laptop is closed.

The new laptop sleeves are infused with ViralOff’s biocidal active ingredient that is used by textile and clothing companies around the world to stop harmful viruses from multiplying on surfaces. ViralOff has been tested for its effectiveness and safety, the results of which are available for review on Polygiene’s website. The active ingredient in ViralOff has been tested against a wide variety of viral pathogens including SARS-CoV-2, H1N1, H3N2 and other human coronavirus strains. The active ingredient in Polygiene ViralOff shows a 99% or greater reduction in microbes within two hours, exceeding the performance required to pass ISO 1818-4, the international standard for measuring the antiviral performance of a textile. In addition, Polygiene ViralOff, once applied, cannot be removed from the textile and is completely safe to handle.

John Cappetta, CEO of ChargeTech, said, “This product was born out of conversations with our clients as we shared a mutual concern to help protect our children, families and colleagues as they return to their classrooms and workplaces. The DistanZ and ChargeTech teams worked together seamlessly, bringing their complimentary areas of expertise, to create this impactful new product. We’re grateful to have such empowering relationships with our clients and partners, allowing us to help keep our homes, schools and workplace environments safer.”

As laptops have become the main medium through which people work and learn, and are increasingly shared between multiple people, it is vital that they remain as clean as possible. This exciting new product responds to this need by offering always-on, active antimicrobial protection that keeps these sleeves free from harmful microbes for the lifetime of the product.

“Our collaboration with ChargeTech on the Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff represents how companies can partner to respond to market changes and client needs,” said Mark Killeen, DistanZ CEO. “ChargeTech’s comprehensive understanding of technology solutions coupled with our team’s knowledge of antiviral fabrics and material created an opportunity to develop a product that provides a protective environment for laptops and tablets that is also free from germs and microbes.”

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