Busy Schedule? - Handle it well!

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Seemingly, there simply will never be enough hours in the day for anyone trying to accomplish multiple things in a day. We all reach that point in our lives where we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. Too much to do, far too little time!

From planning your attack on the day to keeping email from getting you down to dealing with those distractions that always seem to pop up, we will help you get everything done as efficiently as possible with the following tips:

  • Prioritise:

You can’t tackle every task at once. Prioritize your responsibilities. They may change depending on what you have going on at the time. Making sure that your work is handled in order of deadlines or personal importance will help you get through an overwhelming amount of work.

  • Organise:

If you have a lot going on, ‘organization’ is key. Make a schedule of everything you’ll be doing. Start with the daily tasks such as class and work shifts, and then add on other things such as weekly club meetings or volunteer schedules. Excel and Outlook are great programs for making personal schedules. Just having a physical schedule can make all the difference.

Make good opportunistic use of technology!

  • Take a Break:

Sometimes we start something, and we don’t want to stop until it’s done. That’s not a bad mentality to have, but on some occasions, it is better to take a break. Sometimes, when you walk away from the task, you see things more clearly.

  • Utilize Your Support System:

It is as clear as that - you need help/support to fulfill a million tasks you uphold. So, take it. Take the help. Don’t be afraid of being a bother, they are there for the ones who want to help! And if they’re just as busy as you, chances are they’ll relate to what you are feeling, and you can support each other. If there’s any way someone in your support system can help you get things done, don’t turn away the help. Having someone help you with research, making a phone call, or running an errand or two for you can make a world of a difference.

  • Use a Calendar:

Tip number one is to use a calendar (one on the wall, one to carry around, and one on the phone). However, you really don’t need three of them. The calendar on your phone is one of the best ways to use a calendar, because it’s small, digital, and you always have it with you. You can even share calendars with your colleagues and family members too. Digital calendars are also convenient because unlike a paper calendar, you don’t have to write things down or erase things or move things when plans change. You can set notifications at certain times before events too.

And lastly,

  • Stay Realistic

It is absolutely important to be realistic. There is only so much you can do in a day, week, or month. You would always think that you could do more than you actually could in one day. But doing that and still having time to eat, take a break, shower, and sleep is unrealistic. If you plan too much and don’t get it all done, it will stress you out even more. Figure out how much time each task will realistically as you plan out your schedule, so you don’t cram too much into one day.

Although having a loaded schedule can be hard, it can still be manageable. By planning out your time, staying happy and healthy, and prioritizing, you’ll find that you won’t feel so overwhelmed or stressed.

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