Blackstone Talent Group Rolls Out its Consultant Care Program to Enhance Support of Its Deployed Staff

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SAN FRANCISCO: Blackstone Talent Group, a division of Blackstone Technology Group, is pleased to announce the rollout of its Consultant Care Program, or CCP, to its nationwide consulting team. Blackstone Talent Group specializes in providing clients the best IT talent in the industry and serves commercial, government, and non-profit clients across the U.S.

“In today’s ‘Gig’ economy, there is a growing number of professionals who will spend their entire ‘40- year plan’ moving from project to project, on ‘gigs’, with options regarding who they work for and what they work on,” says Ken Hans, CEO of Blackstone Talent Group. “This helped us identify a need to make our consultant programs as strong as possible to better support our highly talented professionals directly serving our end clients’ needs in the field.”

Through its initial release of its Consultant Care Program, Blackstone has established a combination of more formal checkpoints, recognition of accomplishments, and overall support of its deployed consultant staff.

“The more our leadership discussed where our focus should be in today’s marketplace, we quickly identified that, in addition to continuing to focus on our end client’s needs, we needed to bring more focus to our people in the field.” Says Michelle Delbo, Vice President of Blackstone Talent Group. “We plan to continue to grow the scope of the Consultant Care Program over time, with a goal to ultimately make it an industry-leading program in the marketplace for the next decade and beyond.”

Blackstone Talent Group serves clients across the human capital lifecycle with the traditional contract, permanent placement, retained executive search, and end-to-end managed resource services. 

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