Birth Anniversary Special: Best Films of Rajesh Khanna

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It's 29th December. India's First Superstar Rajesh Khanna was born on this day in 1942. Be a patient suffering from cancer, or a lover, he infused life in all his characters on screen with his flawless performances. It's his birth anniversary today, so as a tribute to the Superstar, we bring to you a list of his best movies which must be included in your ‘Must Watch’ list!

  1. Anand (1971)

The story of a terminally ill man who wishes to live life to the full before the inevitable occurs, as told by his best friend.

  1. Aradhana (1969)

Two lovers, Arun and Vandana, secretly elope but, soon Arun dies in an air crash and no one accepts their marriage. As a result, Vandana is forced to give up her child for adoption.

  1. Amar Prem (1972)

A village woman abandoned by her husband is forced into prostitution in Kolkata and forms nameless yet strong relations with a wealthy patron as well as an abused boy in the neighbourhood.

  1. Kati Patang (1971)

Madhavi runs away from her home on the day of her marriage to be with her lover. Her life changes when her friend Poonam dies in an accident and asks Madhavi to take care of her baby and her identity.

  1. Sachaa Jhutha (1970)

A penniless musician is unwittingly forced to trade places with a look-alike diamond merchant/thief causing a comedy of errors by everyone involved.

  1. Haathi Mere Saathi (1971)

Raju becomes very attached to his four elephants after they save his life. His wife, however, fears for her child and tells him that he must choose between the animals and his family.

  1. Bawarchi (1972)

Squabbling Sharma family has a dubious reputation of not having any cook last there for more than a few months. Word spreads out about this family to such an extent that no person wants to be employed as a cook in this household, ironically named Shanti Nivas. Then one day a young man named Raghu offers to work as a cook, and he is hired. Raghu quickly gets a grip on his job and on each of the family members, and soon the squabbles and arguments come to an end. And then the Sharmas find the family jewels and Raghu missing.

  1. Aap Ki Kasam (1974)

Kamal Bhatnagar (Rajesh Khanna) is a jealous husband who begins to doubt the fidelity of his wife Sunita (Mumtaz), when his best friend Mohan (Sanjeev Kumar) enters their lives. Sunita is unable to convince Kamal that she loves only him. He leaves her, not knowing that she is pregnant with his child. Depressed and confused, Kamal becomes a homeless wanderer, while Sunita remarries to provide a secure home for her child. Many years later, the truth dawns on him as he turns up, a broken man, at his own daughter's wedding.

  1. Do Raaste (1969)

Three brothers are each other's only support when their father remarries after the death of their mother. However, circumstances break their bond and the family treads down on two separate paths.

  1. Namak Haraam (1973)

Somu and Vicky decide to exact revenge on the union leader, Bipinlal Pandey. However, when Somu understands the plight of the workers, it creates a rift between the two friends.

  1. Ajanabee (1974)

A pregnant Rashmi decides not to have the baby after she wins a beauty pageant. But her husband Rohit does not agree, so she walks out of the marriage. Now, Rohit must try to win her back.

  1. Ittefaq (1969)

Dilip, who loves his passion more than his wife, threatens to kill her if she harms his paintings. Later, when his wife is found murdered, he is accused of the crime and sent to a psychiatric ward. Taking place almost entirely over the course of one stormy night, a woman is terrified when an accused murderer escapes from a mental hospital and seeks refuge in her home.

  1. Daag (1973)

Sunil and Sonia, who are on the way to their honeymoon, decide to spend the night in his boss's bungalow. Things change when the boss tries to rape Sonia and Sunil kills him while saving her.

  1. Aan Milo Sajna (1970)

A wealthy widow refuses to will anything to her selfish son. In order to win her affection, he introduces her to his fiancée, a girl he hires to play the part. But things do not go as planned.

  1. Khamoshi (1970)

Radha, a young woman, works as a nurse at a hospital. However, she struggles to strike a balance between her personal and professional life when she falls in love with a patient.

  1. Avtaar (1983)

Avtaar leads a happy life with his wife, Radha, and his sons, Chander and Ramesh. However, consumed by their greed and ambitions, Avtaar's sons betray him but he soon reaches new heights of success.

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