BIOS Updates for Kontron ATX Motherboards 'Designed by Fujitsu'

BIOS Updates for Kontron ATX Motherboards 'Designed by Fujitsu'

Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany: Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), now offers a BIOS update to version R1.20.0 for its D3598-B and D3598-G motherboards, both “Designed by Fujitsu”. This refresh now also supports the latest Intel® processors. The use of the latest CPUs increases the performance of the motherboards and extends their lifetime. In addition, more performance is offered at a lower price.

The Kontron D3598-B motherboard now supports the Intel® Xeon® processors of the W22xx series on LGA 2066 with the Intel® C422 workstation chipset. It meets semi-industrial requirements such as 24/7 operation at an ambient temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius at full-load operation. Up to 512 GB R-DIMM/LR-DIMM (ECC) RAM can be accommodated on the motherboard and SLI certification for Nvidia Quadro exists for the use of a graphics controller.

The motherboard with the designation Kontron D3598-G can now also be operated with the tenth generation of Intel® Core™ processors on the Intel® X299 workstation chipset, such as the Intel® Core™ X-Series i9-109xxX. It has up to 256 GB UDIMM (non-ECC) memory.

Both motherboards offer 2xPCI Express® x16, Intel® VROC™ support, Dual LAN and Mini-PCI Express®, HW Watchdog and USB 3.1 Gen2 Type C. As with all Kontron Extended Lifecycle motherboards, there is an extended lifecycle of at least three years.

With their performance, features and robustness, the two ATX motherboards from Kontron,“Designed by Fujitsu”, meet all requirements for demanding workstations or high performance computing.