Best Beard Grooming Tips for Men

Best Beard Grooming Tips for Men
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Through generations, men with facial hair have been associated with stoic manliness. The heroes from the pages of history have been portrayed in it. Even today, the average man tries to imbibe the look of his on-screen hero by opting for a bearded look. This is true for men of all age groups as women are attracted to men with well-maintained facial hair.

Today, there are a lot of beard grooming products available in the market. However, not all of these products are suitable for all types of beards. To make matters worse, not many men are aware of what is appropriate for them or even the order in which these products need to be used.

To help you out of this dilemma, in this article, we will explore some grooming tips that you must keep in mind for your beard.

Wash it regularly

This simple step of personal hygiene will go a long way in getting a well-maintained beard. For washing of your beard, go for a salicylic acid-containing anti-dandruff shampoo. Gently pat it dry after the wash and know when to stop. Over towelling, the beard will give it an unwanted frizzy look and may even lead to split ends.

Understand that this washing is not just about your bears, but also about the skin underneath and only when that is healthy will you have a proper beard. Make sure you do this washing 4 - 5 times a week.

Choose your beard oil wisely

Beard oil gives your beard the nourishment that it needs to look voluminous and shiny. Several variants of beard oil are available in the market. While some may make your beard look too shiny, others will feel too heavy. Some may make your beard too dry. It is important to try out many different types of beard oil before deciding on the one that is best for you. Most brands have samplers or small sachets that you can purchase for this.

Try the different beard oils on every alternate day for a couple of weeks (as you might not realize the difference if you try a new one every day) before you settle for your beard oil.

Train your beard

Most people mistake training the beard as trimming it. While you do have to trim your beard once in a while, there are other ways of training it as well. Combing your beard regularly will wrangle the unmanageable small hairs and flyaway. That will also train them to grow in a downward direction. Using a beard brush is advisable for the best results. Try to comb your beard at least twice daily in the first few months and then you can afford to bring it down to once a day.

If you are heading to any party or special event and would like your beard to stay in the manner you had trained it to be, you may use a soft- hold styler or a setting gel.

Take care of your moustache

Most bearded men have moustaches as well, and the worst thing that you can do is ignore these when opting for beard care. Make sure you give them the due attention and trim them every three or four days. Special care has to be given to the area under your nose (also known as philtrum).

Find a pair of grooming scissors that are the most comfortable to you and shape the moustache regularly. If you are left-handed, there is a wide range of special scissors for you to choose from.

Trim your beard

If you want to look sharp, you must trim your beard every few weeks. While doing so, there are a few things that you would need to bear in mind. Firstly, brush your beard with a comb so that you can gauge which of the hairs are loose and need immediate attention. Then, you can use a pair of scissors to trim and fine-tune them to the shape you want. You should keep away from electric trimmers while doing this. That is because electric trimmers are known to create split ends.

It is also important that you follow the natural contour of your face while trimming your beard as that will help you get the most suitable cut.

Trim your neckline

To look clean and well-groomed, trim your neckline every week or once every couple of weeks. Please note that this is an exception to the no trimmer rule and you can use your precious gadget freely here. Most people make the mistake of trimming along the jawlines.

As a result, the beard looks weak and the neckline looks awkward. To avoid such a thing and trim your beard in the neatest possible way, place your index and middle finger on your Adam's apple. The place where the top finger-ends is the point where you should trim your beard too.

Give it the nutrition

The human beard is made of proteins and fat and a person whose body is deficient of that will not have a good quality beard. One of the first steps in getting a good beard is to ensure that your body is stocked with nutrients. Include lots of milk and dairy products in your diet The beard growth is also dependent on the presence of Vitamin B Complex (particularly Vitamin B5, B3, and B9).

While having more of nuts and green leafy vegetables will help, you can also go for vitamin supplement pills that are exclusively available for beard growth.

Having established all these grooming tips, it is important to realize that the health of the beard plays a crucial role in its outward appearance. Also, before indulging in the aforementioned grooming habits, you must select a beard style that is most appropriate for you.

Understand that something which looks good on someone may not look good on you. Identify your face shape and body and then select your beard style. It is only when you have an appropriate beard style and groom it well, will you be able to pull off the hunk look you had always wanted to.