Ratings: 2/5

Director: Ranjan Chandel

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 10 April  2020

Streaming Platform: Zee5

Duration: 1 Hr 41 Mins

Star Cast: Aditya Rawal, Shalini Pandey, Vijay Varma, Jatin Sarna, Sana Sheikh,

Chandan Anand, Vijay Kumar

Plot: An intense love story between Nasir, an entitled politician's son- a spoilt brat. (Aditya Rawal) and Neelam - a calm, composed and confident girl  (Shalini Pandey) who met accidentally and fell in love, is set in Allahabad.

It is when Jigar (Vijay Varma), a local gangster and Nasir turn rivals over their love for the same girl  and how their lives change for the worse leads to the surprising climax in the story.

Review: Bamfaad, the  Zee 5 original is presented by Anurag Kashyap and directed by Ranjan Chandel. A tale that has been served infinite times which has been successful quite a few times and lame many a times, ‘Bamfaad’  is an addition to the list with many clichés and just a few things to rejoice about.

The setting of the film is intense and rustic, with twisted politics, powerplay and betrayal, along with strong characters. But Bamfaad loses track with too many subplots and without a proper thread of narration running throughout the film. Hence, Bamfaad starts on a promising note, but with the weak writing, rats it out too quickly.

In short, the film  seems like a blend of Gangs of Wasseypur, Ishaqzaade and Sairat. It has tried  to do a lot in its allotted time, but fails to reach the level of any of those films.

The film marks the debut of Aditya Rawal, son of the legendary actor Paresh Rawal. When it comes to performances, Aditya Rawal is relatable, a small framed, rugged boy next door, who will make you forget that he is marking his acting debut with this film! This new star kid has saved the sinking ship with his effortless performance.

Whereas Shalini Pandey who debuted in the film Arjun Reddy gets decent screen space and dialogues and makes the best of it. While Vijay Varma, similar to his previous roles in Gully Boy, She, Pink delivers a gripping performance. He knows exactly how to make a character his own. And Jatin Sarna as well in his limited role shines as expected.

As far as the other aspects of the film is considered, the film’s dialogues are strong, the songs are mediocre and dilute the intensity of the film.  But what deserves credit is the detailing in locations, the dialect, the production design, and  the references to the city in which it is set in.

The story could have been better as what we get is a half-hearted love, with a few forced situations and dialogues. The casting is perfect and the actors are easily the best part of this feature.

Overall, Bamfaad, the film that ends on a rather predictable note makes for a decent one-time watch, if you are in a mood to watch a romance that’s sprinkled on tough characters.