Author Featuring Sister Cat Storybook Characters Files Provisional Patent Application

Author Featuring Sister Cat Storybook Characters Files Provisional Patent Application

MANHATTAN, N.Y.: Karen Elise Wormack, Author of an exciting and sophisticated Children's Book Series titled, The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, has recently filed a Provisional Patent Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Washington, DC), for her extremely innovative and green idea, utilizing biodegradable professionally shredded cardboard, as an excellent source and supply for cat/ kitten litter.

Wormack is over the moon with gladness of heart. Her idea is tested on a regular basis with two precious feline family members named Inkah and Prim. Prior to the early morning hours of applying for her Provisional Patent Application (May 1, 2019) for "Use the Box" she shared her sample product with Samantha and Miss Eileen, dedicated employees for Creature Comforts Veterinarian Animal Hospital and Care (Saylorsburg, PA).  Creature Comforts has remained in business for more than thirty years using assorted cat litters to meet their everyday feline needs, but Wormack's idea and product was a fabulous, unheard of, surprising innovation!

The ladies tested "Use the Box" on site with water in a pet dish. Although "Use the Box" is exceptional for general cat/kitten litter use, they thought it was an excellent fit for declawed and felines using a catheter or when a urine sample is essential.  Earlier that day, Wormack's product was personally introduced via conference room setting to Mr. Chris Kinsley, Sr. owner of the world's largest Shop Rite grocery store, (Brodheadsville, PA).

Karen Elise Wormack has loved and nurtured cats all her adult life. Through the years, she often pondered an additive or replacement for traditional clay litters which are heavy to carry, messy to manage, often contain dust, after the fact bacteria, and simply can't compare with the ease of use, lightness to handle and real absorbent qualities of her stellar invention of biodegradable, professionally shredded cardboard! She awaits Trade Mark approval for her clever name of "Use the Box" cat litter.

Additionally, this isn't the first idea or innovation Wormack has brought forth from her vivid mind power and imagination. She's the Author of a lovely, educational, colorful and meaningful series of children's books, professionally written in superior poetic verse, featuring Prissy and Missy. These charming characters are multicultural cat twin sisters whose hearts and lives are filled with love, well being, curiosity, education, fun and day to day adventurous experiences, enjoyed by readers from various socio-economic and global ethnicities. An added feature of every story includes a detailed glossary, further advancing intellectual acumen.

Moreover, Karen Elise Wormack has been interviewed on multiple Television, Radio and Internet stations pertaining to House of the Guilded Scribe, LLC, Independent Book Publishers and their premier stories for the children and people of the world, where she also holds the office of President. Furthermore, Marketing and Promotion of The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, Wormack's priority responsibility, translated into, "Community, Learning and Literacy Events", giving her instant audience access at designated locations including, Shop Rite/Wakefern Grocery Stores (NJ/PA),  McDonald's Restaurants (Pocono Mountains, PA), desaki Hibachi/Sushi Premiere Restaurant (Pocono Mountains, PA), and other versatile locations where she reads her first two published books in a series of not less than fifteen, to an interested and impressed consumer base, i.e. The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, "Sleepwalk Affair" and The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, "Travel Abroad" respectively.  Wormack is also an invited guest author at various Elementary and Charter Schools throughout the PA/NJ/ and NY School System.  Most recently, Wormack has begun sharing The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™ to an eager audience of senior citizens residing in permanent residential housing facilities. The latter venues allow Wormack to also share her original, thought provoking, anti bullying song, "I Care About You" to the audience of young or elder people. A wonderful highlight is the professionally directed Acappello sing a-long.