Athletic Sports Group Signs World Team Tennis to a Multi-Year International Deal

Athletic Sports Group Signs World Team Tennis to a Multi-Year International Deal
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Washington, DC: Sports entertainment agency, Athletic Sports Group (ASG), has announced a multi-year deal with World Team Tennis (WTT) as their international agent and distributor. ASG has established itself as one of the most respected independent sport media distributors and they are thrilled to have WTT as their new addition.

“As we look toward the future of World Team Tennis we do so knowing that increasing our international footprint is paramount to our success and growth,” said Carlos Silva, WTT CEO and President. “We are proud to partner with ASG, a global leader in representation and distribution, to realize our goals of making tennis more accessible and enjoyable for fans across the globe.”

WTT introduced professional team tennis to the world in 1974, one of five active US pro sports leagues which has been in operation for over 40 years, along with the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. What makes WTT stand out is their structure, a mixed-gender professional tennis league played with a team format in the US.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with WTT. We at ASG believe that WTT revolutionized the world of tennis with their dynamic and entertaining set-up. We look forward to offering this new property to international broadcasters,” said Nino Ockhuysen, Group CEO of ASG.

The league announced for their 45th season an increase in prize money for the winning team and the addition of two new teams in the league. The soon to be announced expansion teams will bring the league to 10 franchises in total competing against each other, with a promise of entertaining and dynamic tennis.

Summer 2020 is full of expectation for WTT’s 45th edition, which will be held with live matches from July 12 to August 1 in the US, and ASG is more than thrilled to distribute great tennis all over the world.