Artist-Painter-Visionary known as Giacobbe Mazone breaks new record

Artist-Painter-Visionary known as Giacobbe Mazone breaks new record
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United States most prolific Contemporary Expressionist painter just exceeded gifting 480 free oil paintings nationwide to hospitals, politicians, film executives, public influencers and civic leaders.

BOISE, Idaho: Contemporary Expressionist painter and art philanthropist Giacobbe Mazone (aka 'Maz' or 'Son of Picasso') is arguably one of the greatest living Abstract Expressionist painters.

Since late 2018 he has now given away 481 oil paintings measuring 12"x12" across the United States; to celebrities, film executives, hospital staff, and public influencers in order to promote the benefits of his very unique art style of painting within the broad category of "Contemporary Abstract Expressionism."

Mazone notes that although he sells very few paintings, giving them away is the joy and reward of his career as a professional artist. Further saying, "There is great usefulness in society for my expressionist paintings because of their visual pleasure, emotional therapy, and intrinsic value…which is different for every recipient-viewer."

Jacob "Giacobbe" Mazone created these gorgeous paintings by combining the learned techniques of famous abstract artists Jackson Pollock (deceased) and Gerhard Richter (living). The combined retail cost of Mazone's philanthropy has recently exceeded $810,000 (Source: Giacobbbe Mazone Art Studio) with no plans of slowing down the production and philanthropic efforts. He hopes to expand his free, and for sale, painted art on canvas to film actors that are active in charity. His goal is to return gifts for those that are generous with their acquired fame and wealth.

Based outside of Boise, ID and directed by Artist-Painter-Visionary Giacobbe Mazone, the studio produces hundreds of unique oil paintings that have a somewhat "Cosmic/Sci-Fi" appearance and vibrant colors. Over 85 percent of these paintings are given away at no cost to art collectors, hospital staff, entertainment producers and public influencers. Details at, on IMDb, or by googling "Giacobbe Mazone."