Antibacterial Doormat, Shuzon, Has Launched on Kickstarter

Antibacterial Doormat, Shuzon, Has Launched on Kickstarter
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BROOKLYN, N.Y.: Shuzon is a two-sided doormat that sanitizes shoe soles. The wet side dispenses cleaning solvent, and the dry side removes any excess liquid. Ariel Zaksenberg, a social worker in Brooklyn New York, recognized that shoe bottoms serve as a massive carrier for germs and bacteria, and sought to remedy this problem with a simple solution. Zaksenberg has launched a Kickstarter to raise $10,000 to bring Shuzon to life.

Globally, we continue to battle COVID-19, and there is a large emphasis on the sanitation of the upper body, handwashing, and avoiding face-touching. However, the CDC recently revealed another source of pathogens – our shoe bottoms. Research at the University of Arizona found 440,000 units of bacteria on a single pair of shoes. These germs are insidious, as they coat the floors of our home and work spaces and are easily kicked back up into the air we breathe.

“As a social worker who conducts home visits. I spend my days in and out of people’s houses, travelling throughout Brooklyn. I became so cognizant of how filthy my shoes were but did not want to leave them outside my apartment at the end of the day.” - Ariel Zaksenberg, Shuzon Founder.

Current welcome mats do not reduce germs and are often themselves a breeding ground for bacteria. Shuzon is here to fix that with their easy to use doormat that is suitable for adults, young children, and everyone in between. With sanitized shoes, you can feel confident you are doing your part to decrease the spread of germs and viruses.