Amala Shankar - The Unconfined Indian Danseuse

Image source: Google

Amala Shankar, the legendary artist of Indian dance has passed away in Kolkata at the age of 101 on Friday.

Last month, she celebrated her 101st birthday. Then, less than a month later, the news of her death came in. The late artist's granddaughter Shreenanda Shankar shared the news on her social media page. Posting several pictures of her with Amala Shankar, Shreenanda wrote:

“Grandma left us today at the age of 101. I celebrated her birthday last month. There are no flights from Mumbai to Kolkata, so it feels very restless. The mind is broken. I wish her peace of mind. A chapter concludes. Love you Thamma. Thank you for everything.”

She was the wife of the late dancer and choreographer Uday Shankar and mother of the late musician Ananda Shankar and acclaimed actress Mamata Shankar and sister-in-law of musician and composer Ravi Shankar, who had died in 2012.

Amala Shankar's performance as Umar in Kalpana, directed by Uday Shankar, caught everyone's attention and was also acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival.

Within a few days, she became one of the most famous dancers in the world. The cloud of extreme sadness has descended on the dance world of Bengal with the demise of the proverbial dancer Amala Shankar. Many mourned her death and wished her peace of mind.

Amala learned to dance during the 1930s, when women from “respectable households” were just about beginning to perform classical dance on stage.