A new era of Digital transformation in COVID 19 pandemic

A new era of Digital transformation in COVID 19 pandemic
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The change in generation given the new birth to the digital world, which empowered the whole 2020 year in the grip. Although it was already noted a high percentage of people using the digital platform in 2019 with their own choice but 2020 persuaded remaining people to convert, in news reports of business statistic. COVID 19 made all human beings to stay in their home and forced to stop interacting with others, which never included in the lifestyle of people but relaxation received through many online channels where they got to enhance their learning and upgrade skills. This year also gave the new rise of digital generation for upcoming more years which is acceptable from the lower majority to a higher majority involving all the people across the world.

Here are some points mentioning the better use of digital in daily life;

The innovation of Virtual class for student 

It made an easy for students of schools/colleges to attend their classes online using digital apps at any time. The plague forced people to save their lives while staying at home and in this pandemic to compromise from studies, won’t be good for the carrier. Google classes, zoom, etc., are the trendy apps that created school, college atmosphere while sitting at home. After the lockdown extension and closure of all the places were typical for school going students to continue their studies and curriculum activities, but all problems made into possibilities giving a new rise for students to interact with their teachers and other staff. 

Conversion of a Grocery store into a digital store

Online grocery shopping is enthralling usage in a limited area such as metro cities or well-developed cities, but it came in the daily life of small city stores in a pandemic. Around 1.3 billion people across nations suffer from a lockdown crisis, they can’t go for groceries, market shops for purchasing the daily foodstuff. However, the demand for food items for people was made to convert groceries retailer to e-retailer shops, where all the supply occurred through a digital app made in an emergency period of the corona. This gave the new birth of digital to small city retailer shops to e-retailer and made it easy to access all over nationwide. These everyday items, required daily by 1.3 billion citizens delivered with following social distancing in mind.

Conducting Webinars for conference and panel discussion

The COVID 19 made people get to indulge in the informative world with experts, motivational speakers, authors, etc, as per our interest. With the pandemic condition forcing many businesses to move in events and meetings/conferences into a virtual environment.

Demio, WebinarNinja, JetWebinar, GoToWebinar, WebEx, Livestream, and Zoometc., are some useful app for attending a virtual event, conferences, B2B market businesses and a lot of consumer brands are also turning for their own B2C needs of marketing. Although the covid 19 crisis may affect people in all ways of their life, some new techniques also molded the human interest toward digital platforms showing beneficiaries in utilizing their ideal time in gaining a lot of knowledgeable information.

Traffic more on digital media during a pandemic 

The epidemics tempt people in COVID 19 to move digital media in greater percentage, with the recent reports recorded. The news, articles, blogs, etc. on online news portal/e-paper have increased readers mostly within some months of lockdown, which is not found before the 2020 year. It was noted a huge loss in print media, due to confusing people regarding health safety, made them lose confidence in using newspapers. As they believe the newspaper can carry a coronavirus, which is only the myth not so true. This can be counted as one of the reasons readers migrated towards digital media for news.

Brands progressed due to social media usage/ influencers

The new trend of digitalization captured all categories brand's  attention towards itself, leveraging them to all social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). It’s known very well India GDP downgraded, companies also faced a huge loss, laying off their employees. In this condition to maintain their dignity and brand name among the market, it has to be in the customer's touch, which can be gained only through social media platforms. For getting more reach companies taking influencers for their brand promotion in pandemic COVID 19, to get more reach and a better outcome. Nowadays companies people coming live on Facebook and Instagram for interacting with the public, answering their questions, and sharing their views.

These are some factors which molded the human mind to show more interest in digital platform and convert into digitalization era.