10 tips to overcome bad breakups

10 tips to overcome bad breakups
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When you start something, it is not mandatory to get a good or happy ending to everyone. Likewise, relationships can also have a good or a bad ending too. But at times it becomes challenging if you were into a serious relationship. But life must go on. If you had already lost something that means something good is going to happen.

  1. No Hope

Hope is the only thing that creates a lot of problems when you are already into a relationship.  That does not mean that you should not hope at all. But after break ups people often people deny accepting due to the presence of hope. When you want to move on quickly you need to accept that no one will come back. With the course of time every one moves on and you have to do the same. You will never be able to trigger the overcoming process unless and until you lose the hope of coming back. The ultimate thing that you can do for this is to call up the person and make sure there is nothing between you two and every thing has ended.

  1. Don’t  run from the problem

Don’t run away from the problem. Because running away can worsen the situation. Engaging oneself in work really good but if you are doing not to get nostalgic it won’t work. If you want to overcome fast you need to face the problem yourself. Get rid of things that make you remember about the person. Though it is difficult to get rid of old memories but to move on, you, have to be stone-hearted for some time. Stop relating your situations with that of movies and songs.

  1. Fix your believes

True love always comes back, waiting till the end and all these stuffs happen in movies. There is a huge difference between reel life and real life. In reel life things like lived happily forever happens, but no such things take place real life. Life is full of challenges, and you need to over come those.

  1. Social life restoration

During the time of break up social media plays a really important role in your life. Isolating oneself is the most wrong thing that can be done by a person in a relationship. After your break up, try to re-connect with all your connections as soon as possible, special those whom you have lost during your relationship.  Start making new friends and communicating with people as much as possible. Try to hang out with your new friends and start making new memories.

  1. Avoid your relationship partner for sometime

Avoid your relationship partner for sometime. After ages of break up if you are in contact with your partner then it’s a good sign that you guys are mature enough that you are not meant for each other. But recently after the break up it’s good for you to avoid your partner for sometime as it helps you move on bit faster.

  1. Erase the virtual memories

Try to erase the pictures and videos that you have clicked together. Stop looking at them again and again. It can pull you from moving on.  Do party and have fun click new pictures because memories cannot be erased easily, new memories are needed to replace the old one.

  1. Stop stalking

Stalking you ex-partner can create more problems on your pathway of moving on. It sucks more than anything else. Knowing that break up isn't mattering for your partner will hurt you more than anything else. Getting and keeping information can't help you anyway in uniting back with your partner.

  1. Drink to celebrate

Though taking liquor is injurious for health, still if are fond of drinking then drink to celebrate not in the memories of your partner. Stop drinking and waiting to meet with your partner coincidentally. Rather wish never to meet your partner again and celebrate your freedom. Remember the date on which you broke up and got back your freedom rather than your anniversary.

  1. Cry as much as you want to

Cry as much as you want to as its normal exactly in the same way if laughing is normal when you are happy. Don’t hide your pain, cry and share it with your close friends and relatives. But don’t let your pain and break up affect your life and career. And in such situations, crying is absolutely normal as  if you will suppress your emotions it can lead to depression.

  1. Stop playing victim

As said above suppressing emotion can lead to depression but extreme of something is really not good. Stop sharing your break up story with every third person you meet and stop playing the role of a victim because this isn’t going to help you in any way. If you want to own and better stories you have to discard this story from your life.

Before loving anyone else, you need to love yourself first. Because this universe has designed us to cross each others path. Everyone isn't permanent. If someone leaves you then maybe someone better is meant for you. Break up hurts but getting apart from each other is better if you are no more good together. Get your ownership over your own life. As said before, self-love is the ultimate aid to recover you from such situations.